Aleksandra Kazmierczak


Born and raised in Poland, Aleksandra has a heightened sensitivity and understanding of cultures, customs, philosophies, and needs which enable her to be highly relatable while designing, implementing, and delivering personalized fitness solutions.

Aleksandra is a certified personal trainer through the National Personal Training Institute and holds bachelor and master degrees in Economics from the University of Poland, Opole.

Aleksandra commit to fitness includes 8 years of experience as a Personal Trainer.  During this time, she has worked with children, young adults, competitive athletes, and seniors to help them meet their weight-loss, general fitness, and sports enhancement training needs.

Aleksandra’s focus on endurance, strength, coordination, and flexibility transforms her clients. As a former competitive college basketball athlete, Aleksandra developed a passion for health and wellness due to her desire to excel during the season and off-season which ultimately led her to a career in fitness and focus on transforming clients. 

Her approach to personal training is a creative motivating style of circuit training that creates optimum results in private, semi-private, and boot-camp style training formats.