Taking Pain Management In My Own Hands

After three back surgeries, hundreds of physical therapy and thousands of dollars spent for pain, the doctors said: "it's just something you have to live with." Chronic pain is no joke!! It's not only frustrating, but pain completely impacts all aspects of your life. Pain makes you tired, moody, and takes over what you can and cannot do every day.

 The last 10 years or so, I have spent adjusting what I do based on the pain level of the day. Some days are much better than others, but every day I have some element of pain; thank goodness I have a HIGH pain tolerance. I really feel bad for individuals who can't handle pain, because it can shut you down for long periods of time. Pain medication can help but can't be the only way you handle the pain--eventually, your body doesn't respond. I have managed to stay off pain meds for the most part (not everyone is this lucky).

 About two years ago, I found myself having more pain than normal and having an issue walking for long distances. I was reminded again I could not handle all pain. The doctor had told me that eventually, I would need more surgery. However, after having a very long recovery a few years ago, I had to find other ways to manage. I tried not to make this pain a big deal because let's be honest 'Pain is INVISIBLE.' My family and friends just never knew exactly how much pain I was in. I decided I had to find a different solution to my pain, and I didn't want to take pain pills (addiction runs in my family). I needed to do something quickly.

 After surfing on Facebook, I saw bungee Fitness out of Canada and it appeared to be fun! I worried that I may not be able to do this type of activity with all my back issues, but I decided to see if there was somewhere I could go in Georgia to give this new exercise a try. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate anywhere in Georgia but was lucky to find the home of Astro-Durance Total Body Bungee System in Cape Coral Florida. After speaking with my husband, I decided I must try this exercise and scheduled a trip to Cape Coral to try the Astro-Durance Total Body Bungee System.

•••Please keep in mind, I'm not a fitness person at all. Exercise is something I did occasionally and knew it would help me, but I was always bored and just could not stay motivated. Not to mention, when your back is 80% fused your muscles are tight and I would seem to always pull a muscle in my back and that would reset any routine I was getting into.

 Astro-Durance Total Body Bungee System provided me a workout that even I could do! I was able to do push-ups, burpees, and other exercises with no impact on my joints. I was sold immediately and felt energized and confident that the Astro-Durance Total Body Bungee System could help others who are similar to me. I saw an opportunity to help not only myself but others who have muscle issues, arthritis, pain or are rehabilitating for an injury and that’s when Studio Bungee was formed! We are not a franchise and the staff want to help clients get MOVING! Movement is SO important for everyone no matter your age. Our team is sensitive to the needs of each person and knows the ability of each person is different. Patience and compassion are very important and our team works hard to assure our clients get what they need while at the same time challenging clients and holding clients accountable.

 Studio Bungee has improved my mobility and continues to improve my body. I am now able to walk hours again and I'm able to make it through workouts. I'm not pain-free but my pain is tolerable. Time, patience and dedication are what help me delay the next surgery for as long as possible.

 There is HOPE for you to manage PAIN if you are willing to put in the time, be patient, pace yourself and TRY. Don't give up!

 Christal McNair, Studio Bungee

The Visionary