It’s Monday! Do you have your studio time scheduled?

Start Your Week Off Properly

It’s important to start your week off properly by scheduling a Monday class. Often, the most challenging part of working out is simply pointing your body in the direction of the club.

Schedule Your Class

Making a scheduled appointment is a simple way to act on your commitment. Just click on the class schedule that you are interested in. That simple process tells yourself that you are putting a priority on your physical fitness. It is now in your calendar. That was easy!

Start Your Car

The next step is to simply point your car in the direction of the club. Just do it! Sure, you may be tired or sore from previous days activities. Of course, you have a list of activities that need your attention. However, by getting your Monday workout in, you are showing yourself and others that this is going to be a great week.

Conquer Your Week

You will be in a physical and mental mindset that will allow you to conquer the other challenges that will come your way during the upcoming week.

Hello Monday - Let’s get started.

Christal McNair